Shared strength through the network

Our Cluster Partners have experience with timber! Benefiting from knowledge that has passed down the generations, they combine their expertise with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology.

Benefits for Cluster Partners

Our network has some of the best minds in the timber industry. We forge meaningful alliances for wood by cooperating with firms of all sizes, from the big players down to one-man sawmills!

Our common goals: Sustainable renewal, innovative applications and true progress to ensure the future viability of our sector. For the sake of the next generations!

  • Access to help with innovation plans as a driving force for long-term success
  • Informal contact to timber specialists, lateral thinkers and the players of tomorrow
  • Capturing new markets to boost sales
  • Real-time information through knowledge transfer
  • News and events as a stage for success stories
  • Initiating visionary projects revolving around wood
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