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Innovation driver of industry

We would be happy to provide you with our platform for your news. As a network partner, we want to give you the best possible support in reaching your target group!

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Benefits for a Cluster Partner

Our network includes the best minds in the timber industry. By closing ranks from the leading company to the smallest sawmill, we forge meaningful alliances for wood!

Our common goal: sustainable renewal, innovative applications and real progress to ensure the future viability of our industry. For the sake of the next generations!

    • Access to innovation plan support as a driver of long-term success
    • Casual contact with wood-savvy experts, lateral thinkers and future shapers
    • Conquering new markets as an opportunity to increase sales
    • Real-time information through knowledge transfer
    • News & events as a stage for success stories
    • Initiation of visionary projects with a focus on wood

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